Le Mont Saint Michel


A splendid site between ground and sea built into 709

1/ To go there when the Mount-Saint-Michel is an island

On October 31st, 2015 was completed nearly 10 years of work which made it possible to give again with the Mount its maritime character.

For the old concrete dam a footbridge was substituted which lets pass Couesnon (river which separates Brittany and Normandy). An old local saying said besides: “Couesnon in its madness put the Mount in Normandy”

Old immense the carpark at the bottom of Mount were removed with the profit of a footbridge pedestrian and a shuttle service which connects the carparks located on the dry land with 5 kilometer of the Mount and the bottom of this one.


2/ To attend the sunrise since the top of the Mount Saint-Michel

The sunrise is always a moment to privilege to admire the mount; indeed, in peak season (from April to October), the Mount-Saint-Michel is often taken by storm by the tourists during the day and until the sunset.

Y outward journey early the morning will enable you to escape this crowd in order to discover a peaceful Mount.

3/ To remain there to sleep one night and to make there trotts it strikes

To remain to sleep one night on the Mount-Saint-Michel can be a good idea because it will enable you to more easily be able to admire the sunrise.

Moreover in the evening you will be able to benefit from the Rock once all the tourists will have left.

Moreover, to spend one night on the Mount-Saint-Michel will enable you to have more time to admire its beauty what will enable you to be registered with trotts strikes which will enable you to trott yourselves in the vastness of this bay in the presence of a guide.

4/ To go there in period of spring tide

Much is unaware of it, but it is to the Mount-Saint-Michel that the spring tides of Europe occur, the marriage (difference in height between the high tide and the low tide) can reach 15 meters in period of “exceptional spring tide” is in period of large-tide.

At the time of these events, the access to the Mount-Saint-Michel is cut, since the footbridge connecting the Mount-Saint-Michel to the ground is under water. You will be able to thus become, the time of one hour or two, true islander.

Moreover, to see the sea going up bay (at the speed of a horse to the gallop according to the legend) since the top of the abbey is a show really grandinsectes which will leave you I think a beautiful memory.

5/ To taste oysters in the neighbourhoods there

With less than 50 kilometers of the Mount, you will be able to taste oysters of an international repute, the oysters of Cancale. If you can it, do not hesitate to go to make a turn at the market with oysters who is open the every day all the year and who is held on the port of the Swell. You will be able to taste there oysters vis-a-vis the Mount-Saint-Michel!

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