3 castles of the Loire to visit absolutely

I was likely to go to lately spend 2 days in family in the Loire château. There exists more than 3000 French castles in the Loire Valley but only a few tens are opened with the visit. Among this, I to you present 3 which is impossible to circumvent, that you must have visited at least once.

1/ The Castle of Cherverny

Cheverny Chateau. View from apprentice's garden, France

The Castle of Cheverny is the castle which I preferred at the time of my travel. It is located at 10 kilometers of Blois.

The ground on lesquelle it was built was bought by the family Hurault de Vibraye towards the end of the 14th century. This castle was built between 1624 and 1636 by Henri Hurault, and it always remained in the family since, that is to say more than six centuries of continuous occupation. The Castle of Cheverny is magnificiently furnished with all the Loire château and it is that which makes all the interest to visit it.


Chateau de Cheverny behind the tree

Hergé took as a starting point this castle much to thus create Moulinsart while going to visit this castle you will charm the tintinophiles which you     will accompany, if it there of A.

For them, and more particularly for the children, I recommend the permanent exhibition on Tintin, which takes place in an appendix of the castle. It is composed of the reproduction of 8 scenes in 8 parts different of Moulinsart. Even if the exposure can appear a little light for an adult, it charms the children.

Practical information: Open castle the every day, all the year (of the 01/04 to the 30/09, of 9:15 18:30, the rest of the year of 10:00 to 17:00 has). Price including the exposure “secrecies of Moulinsart”: 15€ full price and 11.4€

2/ The Castle of Chambord

Chateau Chambord castle with reflection, Loire Valley, France

The Castle of Chambord is most known of the Loire château. It is built in the middle of larger closed forest park of Europe (50 square kilometers, 32 kilometers of wall). It has and a park pleasure garden of hunting classified for the historic building.

This castle is the wish of François 1er who signs the act of construction of it in 1519. Construction will be completed only in 1686, under the reign of Louis XIV.


Château de Chambord vue du ciel à 1500 pieds en ULM - Châteaux de la loire, Loir-et-cher, région centre FranceLet us pass to the visit, I would recommend to you, if you have time and the means of them and if the history interests you, to choose a thorough guided tour; indeed, this thorough visit will give you access to several places usually closed with the public like the top of the keep like certain apartments.

If you cannot follow this visit, you can choose either another guided tour or for the visit with Histopad because the castle not being furnished, the visit seems more interesting to me with comments than in free visit. Unfortunately, at the time of my visit, the weekend of November 11th, of the renovation work of the tower François Ier were in hand with the result that the half of the terrace is not accessible. This repair must be completed in March 2017.

The royal Chateau de Chambord in the evening, FranceThe garden has the Frenchwoman is also in the course of repair since September until the beginning of January. If you can it, I would advise you to expect the end of this work to go to visit the castle.

Practical information: Open castle all the year except on January 1st, last Monday of January, on September 2nd and on December 25th. Rate: 11€ normal rate, 9€ reduced, free for – 26 years arising of the European Union. Cost of the thorough guided tour available only weekends and bank holidays to 14:00: 11€/personne besides the entry with the castle

3/ The Castle of Chenonceaux

Chenonceau castle, over the Cher river, Loire Valley,France.

This castle is new from the fact that it is built in the bed of Expensive which it spans thanks to a bridge gallery built by Catherine de Médicis.

The Castle of Chenonceau is baptized “Castle of the Ladies” because several female personality influenced the architecture and the history of this residence, initially royal then become private in 1601: Katherine Briçonnet, Diane de Poitiers, Catherine de Médicis and Mrs Dupin who saved Chenonceau of the rigours of the Revolution. The Castle is flowered the every day of the year thus you will be able to admire beautiful floral decorations in all the parts of the castle.


Chateau de Chenonceau

In order to be able to escape has crowd, I would advise you to come to the opening because this castle being with human size, it is quickly encumbered.

I advise you to envisage 3 hours to visit in order to have time to read the explanations and to benefit from the gardens, the farm is worth also the visit; here the audioguide is not obligatory, the guide of visit is very complete. Attention, on the other hand, because of the Vigipirate plan, you will not be able to perhaps return with your rucksacks that it will be necessary for you to leave in an instruction envisaged for this purpose.

Merci de votre lecture

Practical information: Open castle the every day, all the year (time variable according to the periods to be checked on their website). Rate: 13€ adult, 10€ -18 years and students

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